Allied Artists Records is the flagship record label originally founded as a division of Allied Artists Pictures Corporation in 1971. The emphasis of the label was the production and exploitation of music created for use in motion picture soundtracks. Over the years, Allied Artists Records became a wholly owned subsidiary of its parent and ventured into stand-alone record releases. By the 1980's, Allied Artists Records had signed a number of pop, rock, metal, progressive, classical and country artists. With a plethora of gold and platinum offerings under its belt, Allied Artists Records administered its divisions Monogram Records and Allied Artists Music Co., while acquiring other labels, such as Brimstone Records and Vista Records, ultimately rebranding its collective music holdings as Allied Artists Music Group by the millennium. As Allied Artists Film Group expanded its theatrical distribution into home video, Allied Artists Music Group merged its physical and digital product distribution into the now unified Allied Artists Music & Video Distribution (AAMVD) and began offering sub-distribution deals to "distributed" boutique labels. Below are some of the music products either in release or scheduled to be released in the near future.